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Recent advances in our understanding of how myopia (short-sightness) develops has led to techniques which have been shown to dramatically reduce the development of myopia by as much as 65%. The techniques currently available include specially designed daily disposable lenses which are worn during the day (Coopervision Misight) and special, custom made lenses, which are worn over-night (Ortho-K), which flatten the shape of the cornea, so that the patient can achieve good vision during the day without any correction. This has a massive advantage for those that participate in sports and wish to enjoy the freedom of being able see clearly, without having to wear lenses or glasses whilst awake. Because we are equipped with a corneal topographer (mapping) we are able to offer both.

Myopia control is only suitable for children at risk of developing myopia. Risk factors include (2 short-sighted) parents), low degrees of long-sightedness in early childhood, a lack of time spent outdoors and high IQ. If you are concerned about the risk of your child developing myopia, then we will happily answer any questions that you have.

Please be aware that due to the nature of this treatment, there is no sure way of knowing how much the myopia will be reduced by the treatment in each individual case.