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Some people, with no need for glasses, report that it is “uncomfortable” to look at certain patterns – including a page or screen of words. Words can appear to move, wobble or they see colours or patterns in the words.  These symptoms are indicative of visual stress.

This tends to make reading for any length of time uncomfortable and can lead to eyestrain, headaches or even migraines. It can also affect reading speed and fluency. It can be associated with Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Asperger syndrome, Dyspraxia, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Migraine and Headaches.

These disturbing effects can often be reduced or even eliminated by the use of a coloured overlay or colour tinted lenses. The colour required to achieve this varies from one person to another and the colour can be different for overlays and lenses. For some the benefits may be slight but for others the effects can be dramatic, significantly increasing reading speed and fluency and reducing headaches and eyestrain.

At Adkins Opticians, we are equipped with the digital ReadEZ system, for simplicity, accuracy and repeatability. It allows us to offer consultations and tint options for significantly less than what might be available elsewhere. We are also equipped with a Clinical Eye Tracker, which allows us to investigate and monitor any reading issues in much more detail.

If you would like to be assessed or have your child assessed you will require a full eye examination including extra tests to check the binocular vision status of your eyes to exclude other, more simple causes for any reading problems.

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